Arctic Thermo iGloves | Unisex
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Arctic Thermo iGloves | Unisex



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Are you tired of wearing gloves and constantly taking your gloves on/off every 5 minutes to check your phone And you’ve likely tried gloves that claim it’s easy to use your phone but it’s just not If so, you are not alone.

Millions ofpeople who enjoy the outdoors have this problem, yet very few ever find a solution that actually works. When out and about in the cold weather or on the slopes, you need gloves that you don’t have to take on/off every couple minutes to text a friend back or make a phone call. That is why we developed the Arctic Thermo iGloves.

Arctic Thermo iGloves | Unisex


Phone or Device High Touch Sensitivity:Designed for the use of touch screens while wearing the gloves. No more taking your gloves on/off every few minutes!

Waterproof:SBR water-proof coating in the middle of your gloves to keep out water and keep you dry!

Layered Heat Storage:While being very fitted & lightweight,our integrated heat storage technologywill keep your hands super warm!

Next-Level Comfort:Lightweight and fitted to your hand for absolute comfort with our three-layer composite fabric, and high-density nylon on the surface.

Designed For Sport:Enjoy any outdoor activity in the cold! Perfect for fishing, running, cycling, skiing, climbing or just a casual stroll in the cold weather!

Arctic Thermo iGloves | Unisex

Arctic Thermo iGloves | Unisex

Package Includes

  • 1x pair of Winter-Proof Phone Gloves

Arctic Thermo iGloves | Unisex

Arctic Thermo iGloves | Unisex



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