FeltWorlds a?? Interactive Imagination Playground
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FeltWorlds a?? Interactive Imagination Playground



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This interactive felt board will capture your childa??s attention and spark their creativity!??a?? Watch your little onea??s eyes light up as they design their own magical worlds filled with amazing animals, aquatic creatures, farm friends, and outer space adventures a?? fostering creativity, imagination, and learning all in one!

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Unleash Your Childa??s Imagination

FeltWorlds is the perfect tool to let your loved one grow and learn in a fun and safe environment. With its tactile design and endless possibilities,??it will provide your child with hours of creative play while also enhancing their cognitive and motor skills.??They will love designing their own unique worlds and bringing their imagination to life.

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Build Memories and Skills

FeltWorlds is also perfect for family playtime. Spend quality time with your child as you help them create their own unique world, explore different environments, and learn about different animals and creatures.

FeltWorlds is not just a toy, ita??s an interactive and engaging experience that will bring your family closer together and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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  • TIP: Iron FeltWorlds with an iron on arrival to remove wrinkles.
  • Interactive felt board
  • Four different themes: Zoo, Underwater, Farm, and Cosmos
  • Endless possibilities for creative play
  • Enhances cognitive and motor skills
  • Material: High-quality felt
  • Size: approx. 105x75cm



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