GPS Dog Tracker Collar With Voice Command

GPS Dog Tracker Collar With Voice Command



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This?GPS Dog Tracker Collar?is an amazing device that helps you to keep track of your dog or cat at all times using the latest cutting edge pet tracking technology! You can easily monitor your pet’s location directly from your smartphone and you can also set up a GeoFence that notifies you when they have left a certain boundary that you have set.

Not only that, but this GPS pet tracking device has a voice command feature that allows you to communicate with your cat or dog by shouting commands at them if they are leaving a certain area that they shouldn’t be. What’s great about this device is that it requires no monthly fee, it is very comfortable for your pets to wear and it is also 100% waterproof!

Cat GPS Tracker


UNIVERSAL:?This GPS tracker can connect to any smartphone, be it Android or iOS so you can easily track their whereabouts at all times

LONG BATTERY LIFE:?The battery lasts more than 30 hours so you won’t have to worry about it dying randomly, and it can work up to 120 hours on standby

WATERPROOF:?Even if the weather is really rainy, your GPS dog tracker collar won’t get damaged in the rain as it is 100% waterproof

REMOTE CALL FUNCTION:?Allows you to communicate with your cat or dog through the collar and shout commands at them if they are straying too far

NO MONTHLY FEE:?Although other GPS systems require you to pay a monthly fee, this one is completely free!


1x Pet GPS Tracker?F9
1x Collar?
1x User manual
1x USB cable


Battery Life:?30 Hours & Up
Size:?49 x 46 x 20 mm
Design:?IP67 Waterproof

PLEASE NOTE:?A sim card is required to use this product, which can be purchased at any convenience or electronics store



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