Memory Foam Lumbar & Neck Support Car Cushions
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Memory Foam Lumbar & Neck Support Car Cushions



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Level up your travel game & travel in pure comfort with our memory foam car cushion set. Consisting of a contoured lumbar support back pillow & a contoured neck support pillow.

Travel comfortably with our premium memory foam car cushions. Providing optimal support for your neck and back. These cushions help provide comfortable support for your neck and back. The memory foam grooves in both pillows contour to fit your body, ensuring maximum comfort and support during those long car journeys.

Long car journeys can lead to aches and pains all over. But particularly in your lower back and neck. Our car cushion set includes both the lumbar back support memory foam cushion and the memory foam neck support cushion. Ideal not only for drivers but for passengers as well. After all you are all in the car for the same length of time, so all travellers deserve this level of comfort!

These lumbar and neck support car cushions are designed to fit all car types, offering universal comfort and support any time you drive. The back cushion simply rests against your seat and the neck support cushion attached/clips to your seats headrest. Their memory foam construction cushions and molds to your body for maximum comfort. Get relaxed and enjoy the ride!



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