(New In)Multi-function Eyebrow Brush
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(New In)Multi-function Eyebrow Brush



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Create Perfect Brow Definition

Precise hair angles making flawless hair-like strokes and unique contours for flawless eyebrows. Smear your eyebrows like a professional.

(New In)Multi-function Eyebrow Brush

Eyebrow Brush: we know how important flawlessly shaped brows are to women. Our brushes will assist with filling, shaping and contouring your brows for gorgeous finishes. Our innovative designs and high-quality synthetic hair give you precise control while creating perfectly shaped brows.

  • Unique Hand Cut Brush Hair Angles With Premium Hair
  • Great Brush Hair Stiffness For Precise Application & A Duo Spoolie Brush
  • Brush Density Specifically Made For Brow Pomade, Gels & Concealer

(New In)Multi-function Eyebrow Brush

Ultra-soft Fibers: Hand cut with precision to cover all your eyebrow makeup needs. Every single angled slanted brush is made of premium non-shed synthetic fibers with durable slim handles for an ultimate control.

(New In)Multi-function Eyebrow Brush

Ergonomic Handles: This brow brush is round ergonomic handles with responsibly sourced, lightweight wood handles and 8 coats of painting primer for lasting beauty.

Designed By Experts: Who understand the difficulty of creating different brow shapes. These multipurpose brushes help you achieve perfectly defined eyebrow arches.

(New In)Multi-function Eyebrow Brush

Wide Range of Applications:Our brow brushes are flexible to work on pomade, gel, cream, tint and other wax-based products for filling brows both thin and thick shapes. The stiff angled eyebrow brush is also ideal for contouring and defining facial features like the eyes, nose, and cheeks.

(New In)Multi-function Eyebrow Brush

Package includes

  • Eyebrow Brush * 1


  • Eyebrow Brush * 1
  • Eyebrow Cream * 1



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